Here are a list of some of the plumbing services that we have to offer.

Are you thinking about going green? Well, you've come to the right place! We can do a full site analysis, then design and install a complete solar heating system. Do you already have a solar system? We provide service for your solar heater, even if it was installed by someone else. We also have special "no money out of pocket" programs combined with government incentives and utility rebates available so you can start saving today. If you're ready to stick it to the power company, call us now!
Tankless heaters save space and can reduce your gas bills. However, there is a lot of misinformation floating around regarding tankless units. Rather than being the "yes man", we believe in providing all of the pros and cons to the client so that they can make an educated decision as to whether tankless is the right fit for their situation. It's also important to have the right size and kind of unit for your specific situation so that all of your expectations are met. We have the philosophy that clients need a technical expert, not a salesmen. Call for your consultation today and we think you'll agree.
Are your drains constantly stopping up? Have you had them snaked/unstopped several times but the problem keeps coming back? There may be an hidden problem with the pipes that is causing the reoccurring backups. Crushed/cracked pipes, back-pitched pipes, improper venting, improper fittings or just plain worn out pipes can all be the cause. Fiber optic inter video pipe inspection will allow the problem to actually be viewed directly. No guess work. Not only can the problem be identified but it can be located as well using radio locators. Don't waste money re-snaking, digging, or breaking holes in walls/floors. Find the problem and fix it for good. If you are experiencing backups every year or two, or even more frequent, then you have a problem with the pipes themselves that needs to be fixed. Simply snaking the pipes is not a long term fix. You would be treating the symptom, not the disease. Fix the clogs for good. Call us today!.
Our Pro-Techs use the most sophisticated equipment available to quickly find hidden the pipes that are causing you headaches. Better yet, we can fix the problem after we find it on the same visit (unlike specialty leak location contractors).
Do you have water seeping up from the concrete floor? Do you hear a hissing sound in your walls but no water is showing up anywhere? You may have a slab leak. This can be a very involved repair. Luckily, no one has more experience in dealing with slab leak repairs than Pro-Tech Plumbing. Whether you have leaking copper pipes, cpvc pipe, galvanized pipes or brass pipes we can find it and fix it. Day or night we can show up fast and fix it. We can also help with the water cleanup. We also non-invasive options for repair so you don't have to jack hammer open floors. Call today.
No hot water? Leaking water heater? We can help. Our huge trucks stock a variety of water heater repair parts as well as a few common sizes of water heaters right on the trucks. We stock contractor grade heaters not sold at home improvement stores. We can get you up and running in no time, No sweat.
Do you have a drippy faucet or toilet that won't re-fill right? Is your garbage disposal locked up? We have the parts and complete new fixtures stocked right in one of our "super trucks" near you now and a highly trained professional technician near you ready to take care of your plumbing problem now. Just give us a call.
When plain old snaking just won't keep the pipes open you need high-pressure hydro-jetting. A jetter is like a pressure washer but made for the inside of pipes. A hose is fed into the pipes with nozzles that aim sideways. The jet blast that comes out of the nozzle at 3000-4000PSI scrapes everything that is stuck to the pipe walls off and rinses it down the line. The result is pipes that are as clean as the day they were installed. There are many different nozzles for different situations. The biggest difference between snaking and jetting is that jetting is designed to actually restore the pipes where as snaking is usually done just to retrieve objects in the line. Snaking does not completely restore the internal pipe diameter and does not fully remove debris. Jetting is typically used in conjunction with fiber optic pipe inspection to clean the lines before the camera is inserted. Jetting is particularly effective on kitchen drain lines that are packed with years a grease/food buildup. There are also special nozzles with spinning chains or carbide teeth for removing heavy rust-scale buildup on the inside of cast iron pipes.
Actually a better term would be "drain clearing". Powerful machines use a long metal spring with special heads on the end that is spun into drain pipes to retrieve objects that are stopping up the drain pipes. Chemicals can be used in conjunction with snaking to help dissolve salts and other buildup in the pipes. This is not as effective as hydro jetting but it's usually less costly and quicker. Many times snaking is done prior to hydro jetting as a "tow cable" to maneuver the jetter through the pipes so that it can reach the right parts of the drainage system. There are many sizes and types of snakes as well as attachments. It's critical that the right size and type of equipment is used for the type and size of pipe(s) to be snaked as well as the stoppage type. Luckily, we are the local experts in drain cleaning and rehabilitation. No clog is too tough. Our huge trucks carry a large assortment of drain equipment for every situation and master drain cleaners that know what to do. Call us now and your clogs are as good as gone!
Pro-Tech Plumbing is Florida's re-pipe leader. Now one offers a better pipe system or better warranty (25 years!). Our proprietary system allows us to repipe your home with little or no damage to your home. This means less patch work needed after the job. In fact, over 90% of our repipe jobs need no patchwork what so ever. We can achieve this high standard of quality because our repipe specialists have over 1000 repipes logged and we use the highest grade of pipe available.
Leaks can be a real headache and can cause further destruction in the form of mold. Our giant "supply house on wheels" has the parts and a plumber with the expertise to get it stopped quickly. We even carry the proper fittings to take care of mobile home leaks. Whether it's a drip under a kitchen sink or a burst pipe in a wall, we've got you covered. If the leak is in a hidden area it's no problem. We carry leak detection equipment right on the trucks. Copper pipes, galvanized steel pipes, cpvc pipes, cast iron pipes, pvc pipes, polybutylene (grey) pipes, what ever it is we have the parts and tools to fix it the right way.......right now!
Hidden leaks can present a problem for most plumbers because they have to call an outside leak location contractor first to find the leak before they can fix it. We carry high-tech leak location equipment right on our trucks and have techs that are trained in leak detection/location. This means no outside contractors are needed. One call does it all with us. Your highly trained and experienced tech will first do a visual diagnostic and then give you an accurate price quote before he starts so that you know what the whole job is going to cost and what it will entail. No getting the run around between the leak locator and plumber here, just fast professional service in a single trip. Why compromise between time and money when you can save both with one call? Call us today!

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